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ADI Back Signature Solutions

Ergonomically designed for proper posture, our seating system eases the strain on the lower back during long, active days in a chair by more equally distributing forces through the pelvic base of support, and good support naturally results in less pain.

ADI Back Features
Carbon Fiber

CF Series
Carbon Fiber Backs

Made with durable carbon fiber, our CF Line is strong as metal and extremly light. Contrary to other Carbon Fiber brands, our CF Series comes with a versitile hardware selection and can be mounted to practically all after market chair brands.

Available in Active and Deep Contour. Heights 10" (25cm), 13" (33.02cm) and 16" (40.64cm). Fits on chair frames from 10" (25cm) to 19" (48.26cm).

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AL Series
Aluminum Backs

Stealth's ADI Signature aluminum backs are light and still tough. Available in 3 contour options and 5 heights, and compatible with chair frames from 10" (25cm) to 20" (51cm) width. Hardware available to mount to many after market chairs as well.

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AFT Series
Aluminum Flat Top Backs

Same configuration as our Standard Aluminum Series, with an additional upper support.

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Simple products to simplify your life.

ADI Accessories

ADI is designed with the user in mind. Our accessories are developed to add more convenience and functionality to our user’s independence. Simple products such as our Push & Transfer Gloves, Transfer Boards and Seat Pans help every person filling up the standard usage gaps. Made to simplify your life.

Push & Transfer Gloves
Transfer Boards
ADI Seat Pans

Push Gloves

Push & Transfer Gloves have an open finger, half thumb, wrap-around design for easy don and doff. Made of leather with padded palms and wrists, the gloves save wear and tear on users' hands throughout a long day of active chair use. Three inches of Velcro closure provide a secure fit as well as allows the gloves to fit most hand sizes.

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Transfer Boards

Sliding boards are used to promote independence and safety during transfers.

For those with impaired balance and upper body strength, we highly recommend Stealth's ADI Anti‑Slip Transfer Boards as a transfer-assist tool, often providing the needed assistance to enable therapist/caregiver performance of a safer and bio‑mechanical friendly transfer.

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Seat Base

The ADI Carbon Fiber seat base is a viable option for anybody looking to reduce the overall weight of their manual chair setup while still maintaining consistent, solid seating.

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